Actual File Folders 1.13.3 Free Download

Actual File Folders 1.13

Actual File Folders 1.13 is an application created to help you navigate to your favorite and recent folders by creating two new icons in the explorer windows. Actual File Folders 1.13

The list of favorite folders can be customized to lead to any directory of your system, regardless of the path, and you can set the level of the application history. Actual File Folders 1.13

Features of Real Full File Folders

  • You can manage the “Favorite Folders” shortcut list in the Favorite Folders panel. You can then call this list by clicking the special header button. When this button is enabled, this button will be added to the title bar of any supported window. Actual File Folders 1.13
  • Since most Windows applications use system dialogs for operations such as opening a file, saving a file, and viewing a folder, you can create a list of Favorite Folders shortcuts once and then use it in almost any program. Actual File Folders 1.13
  • The Recent Folders is a file extension that automatically tracks the folders you recently visited and saves a list of shortcuts in these folders so that you can immediately return to them with one click of the mouse. This is reminiscent of the browsing history in your web browser: you can quickly return to the web page that you visited some time ago, if circumstances so require. Actual File Folders 1.13
  • Most file manager programs (including Windows Explorer itself) offer this service, but browsing history is available as long as the window remains open or only in this particular file manager.
  • Instead, the actual file folders save browsing history worldwide, no matter what program you used in the folder. This means that, for example, you can open a document in Microsoft Word from any folder, switch to Microsoft Excel, and then go there in the same folder, using the history of recent folders. Actual File Folders 1.13
  • You can customize the settings of recent folders in the “Recent Folders” panel. The list of recent folders can be accessed by pressing a special button on the header When this option is enabled, this button will be added to the title bar of any supported window. Actual File Folders 1.13
  • Compact mode button names now work correctly in systems with right-handed languages ​​(for example, Arabic or Hebrew). Actual File Folders 1.13
Name: Actual File Folders v1.13.3
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Actual File Folders Free Download for PC

Actual File Folders 1.13


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