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Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13 . Many users resort to multiple monitor settings to get a larger workspace, or simply to separate different types of applications. This method has many advantages, but there are some disadvantages and To overcome them, you need to use special tools, such as Actual Multiple Monitors

Practical layout with easily accessible functions

  • . This software solution contains many functions and the way they are organized makes everything much easier, so even less experienced users can enjoy it in their systems.
  • The left side of the panel contains all commands and configurations, neatly structured in several sections, each of which expands with one click of the mouse. Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13

In-depth environment setup with multiple monitors

With Actual Multiple Monitors, you can convert secondary display (s) and enhance them with interface elements and features that are otherwise not available. More precisely, this program can display on an auxiliary monitor (monitors) Separate taskbars, so you can group applications running only for this screen. Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13

  • Alternatively, you have the option of activating a mixed taskbar with only the corresponding programs shown in the secondary area, or go to mirror mode, where the main taskbar is displayed on all screens. Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13
  • The layout, resolution, background image and screen settings for monitors can also be adjusted, and there are some highlighted options for customizing mouse behavior and actions. Hotkeys are supported, and the already impressive list built into the application can easily be expanded. Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13


Advanced settings and irreplaceable functionality


  • The many modifications and settings that users can apply are Actual Multiple Monitors among the best configuration management options with multiple displays.
  • Almost every element on the desktop can be modified to best suit the needs of each user, advanced or less experienced. Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13


Features of Real-World Monitors

Dashboard with multiple monitors:
• With Actual Multiple Monitors, you get a full-featured taskbar on each display. No matter what monitor you work with. Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13

Additional Header Header Buttons:
• Will be saved from routinely switching windows between monitors — the new buttons in the header of each window give instant access to advanced window functions and allow you to apply them all in one click.

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper:
• Using Actual Multiple Monitors, you can adjust the background of any desktop on multiple displays
• Sngle image stretched across the entire desktop
• Individual image on each monitor
• Individual slideshow performed separately on each monitor
• Web slideshow from Google Image Search or Flickr  Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13
• Flexible image positioning (center, tile, stretching, proportional stretching, cropping by size)

Custom hotkeys:
• Hotkeys are professional tools, and Actual Multiple Monitors fully support them. Most of the program’s functions can be activated using the hot key, and you can customize the key combinations in Will. Will, you can add your own hotkeys for some window operations.

Multi-Monitor Mouse:
• Your mouse will get new features and capabilities when installing Actual Multiple Monitors, such as a flexible desktop, locking the mouse in a specific window or monitor, hard monitor Borders, dragging or window size at any point and scrolling inactive windows using the mouse wheel Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13

Title: Actual Multiple Monitors v8.13.3
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Actual Multiple Monitors Download Full for PC

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13


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