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Actual Window Manager 8.13

Actual Window Manager 8.13 – Actual Window Manager is an application that offers you a new and more productive way to interact and interact with the many windows open on your computer screen. Actual Window Manager 8.13

Actual Window Manager 8.13- Since Windows is an operating system designed for multitasking, it is not uncommon that, although you have several applications open along with other Explorer windows, your computer screen can get full quickly and can really affect your workflow.

Actual Window Manager is an application that is included with the operating system and provides revised and additional functions for managing open windows. Immediately after starting the application, you will see that a series of new buttons appears in the title bar. A window or application opens. Actual Window Manager 8.13

These are new additions that improve the way windows are used. With the Actual Window Manager installed, you get buttons that can minimize the window, so you only stay with the header, change its size to a non-standard size, and even apply a ghost effect that allows you to access the files under the open window. tray. Actual Window Manager 8.13

The function that the Actual Window Manager brings and is more than useful is that it allows you to create virtual desktops. They can serve as small areas for open windows belonging to a specific category. You can create multiple desktops, assign them with different names and send them windows with a simple click. Actual Window Manager 8.13

Another interesting and powerful feature that the Actual Window Manager offers is the ability to customize new and old buttons according to specific applications. This means that the button “Minimize” can behave in a certain way for Google Chrome and in a different way for Mozilla Firefox. Actual Window Manager 8.13

In conclusion, you can safely say that if you need to reinvent the way you use and manage windows, you can certainly try the Actual Window Manager. Actual Window Manager 8.13

Features of Actual Window Manager 8

Window settings:
Provides advanced options for managing windows in various ways (both automatic and manual).

Virtual desktops:
Extends general window management with the ability to group windows in virtual desktops.

Multiple Monitors Extensions:
Improves the overall Windows user interface for multiple display environments. Actual Window Manager 8.13

Title: The actual window manager v8.13.3
Developer: Home
License: ShareWare
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Actual Window Manager Download for PC

Actual Window Manager 8.13


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