CleanMyPC with Patch

CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch is an easy-to-use and full-featured care and clean software. Close your computer with unnecessary files, unwanted files and application residences. Remove files or folders safely, check the registry for issues, remove the installed applications and all related files. CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch features

CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch Scan

• Analyze your hard disk to find files during scan management scans can be removed safely. They are divided into four categories: “Catches and Logs”, “Help Files”, “Additional Languages” and “Bin and unwanted Connection”. CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


Cakes and magazines

• Store “Ready” pieces on the hard disk to automatically download your computer during windows and applications. These pieces are called “cash files”. However, sometimes these applications can not be deleted files, and some applications have built in “caching mechanisms”, most of which (including windows automatically) are large on your hard disk Leave a lot of data on the hard disk. CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patchs can identify these files and notify you that you are safe to notify. Login files record activity from windows and applications and are usually used for informational purposes. Eliminating them will not affect the functionality of your applications, but you can restore your space to a hard disk. CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


Help files

• Most applications come with support files (as well as Windows itself) files which include program functions and workflow information. You can safely help secure files for CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch applications that help you to select only those files to delete by clicking on the appropriate help files in the sidebar. . CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


Additional languages

• Some applications are also because you can safely remove your applications in one language, free space CleanMyPC scans your computer and searches applications with multiple language translations You remove additional features. If needed, you can check only those terms of applications that you want to clear. CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


Knit and unwanted recycle

• In this section, CleanMyPC scans various files that you can normally get yourself, but you can delete them. Here are:

– “Restore points” (backup files created by Win

“Recycled Cycle” located on all your hard drives.

– “Crash Report” – Files have been created using the CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch program, to ensure that you can always restore your system. Applications and windows fail when one fails or an important error.


Additional utility

• CleanMyPC comes with a set of built-in utility, except for work cleaning and scanning


save it

• When you delete files easily and easily, they need to be reliable, fast, clean, and new to work. However, you need to permanently delete the files – and it will help you clean EMPC “Clearly Clear”. Deleted files and folders can not be restored using “Safe Deletion”. This is sometimes obtained by using G files with Zeros (“zero out”) before deleting them from your hard disk.


Install complete

• Many applications on your computer have a specialist installer who decides to stop using your system. However, some files (for example, application preferences, catches, data, etc.) can not be excluded with the application and prevent your system from removing disk space and preventing your computer from reducing it. Not for CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch “Full Install” will help you remove applications without leaving signals. To do this, you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to start the factory installer, and after completing its work, the clean MPP will take it and keep up with unnecessary accommodation. Will. CleanMyPC 1.9 with Patch


Registry cleaning

• Windows registry is a database that stores settings and parameters for configuration settings and parameters for Windows itself and everyone. The registry is well read and written by all the installed applications which may include malware and spyware, it will sometimes be damaged or partially damaged. It can not be manually set (if you do not have deep technical information and experience), and we recommend checking your computer registry issues, click “New Registry Scan” and scan Wait to finish. CleanMyPC finds incorrect entries and prompts you to fix them all



* When you run automatic applications using Windows, some services are useful, perhaps

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Name: MacPaw CleanMyPC v1.9.8.1685
Developer: Home
License: ShareWare
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Updates: The official website does not contain any information about the changes in this version

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