Free Download Berg Soft Next Suite 6 10.2018 (VCL)

Berg Soft Next Suite 6 10.2018 (VCL)

BergSoft NextSuite is a powerful compilation of components for Delphi and C ++ Builder. NextGrid is an easy-to-use component with an understanding of the method and properties at design time (with a visual column editor) and at run time NextGrid has the over-the-counter functions StringGrid and Standard ListView. NextDBGrid is a powerful Delphi data environment and C ++ Builder based on the well-known NextGrid component.

Features of BergSoft NextSuite:

  • There are several types of columns for presenting data in different ways
  • The columns can display text, checkbox, progress bar, date, number, image from ImageList, toolbar, HTML, graphic.
  • Processing a large number of cells without losing speed. The speed of adding, changing and deleting data does not depend on the number of cells.
  • Each column contains personalized fonts that can display custom text, an image or a result of a calculation (SUM, AVG, DISTINCT, MIN, MAX and Count)
  • Includes filter properties that can be used for real-time filtering.
  • Includes TreeColumn, a standard column that can be added and modified like any other column.
  • Unicode (WideString) String support in cell, header, and futer
  • Supports Visual Basic (VCL) visual styles (available in new Delphi versions) and the standard Windows theme
  • Includes many useful methods (functions and methods), such as: SaveToXML, LoadFromXML, SaveToINI / LoadFromINI, FindText, BestFitColumn

This collection contains the following components:

  • Next DBGrid 6
  • Next Inspector 6
  • Next collection 6
  • The following editors 6

To view complete information about Berg Soft Next Suite here see

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Delphi 7.6, 2005, 2007, 2010, Delphi XE, XE2 (VCL), XE3 (VCL), XE4 (VCL), XE5 (VCL), XE6 (VCL), XE7 (VCL), XE8 (VCL), Delphi 10 Seattle (VCL), Delphi 10.1 Berlin, C ++ Builder XE4, XE5, XE6, C ++ Builder 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo

Programmers know better.

Download Berg_Soft_Next_Suite_6_10.2018_VCL_

Download Berg_Soft_Next_Suite_6_9.2018_VCL_v6.2.1_Full_Source

Download Berg_Soft_Next_Suite_6_7.2018_VCL_v6.1.7_Full_Source

Download Berg_Soft_Next_Suite_6_5.2018_VCL_v6.1.5_Full_Source

Download Bergsoft_Next_Suite_6_VCL_v6.1.0_Full_Source_April_2018_Delpi_7_XE10.2

Download Berg_Soft_Next_Suite_6_1.2018_VCL_v6.0.80_Full_Source

Download BergSoft_NextSuite_VCL_6.0.70_D7-XE10.2_Full_Source_2017.12

Download Bergsoft_Next_Suite_6_VCL_v6.0.65_Full_Source_June_2017_Delphi_7_XE10.2

Download Next_Suite_VCL_6.00.31_D6-XE10.1_Full_Source

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