Free Download Google Chrome 71.0.3578.80 Windows/Linux/macOS –

Google Chrome 71.0.3578.80 Windows / Linux / macOS

Google, as a rule, comes up with the utmost when it comes to any area in which it enters. When released on September 2, 2008, the first version of the Google Chrome browser was a very bad browser that had a lot of problems, but do not forget about the problem, as well as offer new and different features that have long been at the top of the best browsers in the world. Extremely fast program execution and page load speeds, an attractive interface, full coordination with various technologies and … there were those that made Chrome much more popular than other browsers.

Features of the Google Chrome browser:

– Exclusive Google search integration with the address bar (word recognition and completion before the search starts)

– Very high speed of initial software execution

– Simplicity and at the same time attractive user interface

– The stability of the program, even if you open so many pages

– The presence of a large number of application extensions

– Ability to install and enable or disable plug-ins without restarting the software

– Internal PDF reader

– Ability to save pages in PDF format without using the plugin

– Has a built-in flash player

Google Chrome Browser Tips:

– There are no experimental versions of the program, and only approvals are presented.

. There are four official release versions of Chrome, one of which is an online installer, and three other types are offline, with the difference that there are two options for automatic updating, and the other is not possible, versions that can be automatically updated with two exe formats and msi, so we have an exe version and a standalone version without the possibility of updating.

– Starting from version 37, the first 64-bit stable version was released, both versions are presented separately.

Chrome will also be updated soon after the arrival of the new Adobe Flash Player to update to the latest Flash Player.

– This browser does not have an embedded RSS reader, unlike Firefox.

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later

Free disk space: 100 MB

RAM: 128 MB

The installation of the standard version is “Silent Installation”, and this is done only by launching it.

If you are connected to the Internet and launch the automatic update version, it will check before installing the latest version and, if possible, download and install it.

Download the 32-bit version of msi with the automatic update feature here and download the 64-bit version here .

Google Chrome Updatable

Download Google_Chrome_71.0.3578.80_Stable_Updatable_One_User_x86

Download Google_Chrome_71.0.3578.80_Stable_Updatable_One_User_x64


Google Chrome is not updated


Google Chrome for Linux and macOS

Download Google Chrome for Linux – deb

Download Google Chrome_for Linux – rpm

Download Google Chrome for macOS

Password (s): Password:

32-bit version: 47 megabytes

64-bit version: 48 MB

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