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SpeedTree Modeler 8.2.1 Cinema Edition x64

SpeedTree Cinema is a super-well-known and powerful simulation of simulators and trees in animation, movies and games, etc., which are very much used. Dear users. With this software, you can design and Simulate all the trees, shrubs and other plants that you need to create your own game, movie or animation. Speedier software gives you the opportunity to mimic trees and plants in different ways so that your projects are not similar and different. It is worth noting that the developers of Destiny 2, Avatar Avatar Builders, Harry Potter used this software to develop their own trees. The software also has a large library of trees, which in its new version expands and develops the library.

Features of SpeedTree Cinema:

  • Modeling and design of very simple and advanced trees, plants and shrubs
  • Various modeling and diverse designs for lack of similarity between trees and plants
  • The library of trees is getting bigger
  • Ability to use in gaming machines, such as Unity, Anel …

Manufacturer: Intel
Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Model: Intel (R) HD Graphics Adapter Family
OpenGL Version: 3.0.0 – Build

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download SpeedTree_Modeler_8.2.1_Cinema_Edition_x64

Download SpeedTree Cinema_8.1.5 x64

Download SpeedTree Cinema_7.1.1

SpeedTree CInema 7.0.5 Tree Library

Download section 1 – 1 GB

Download section 2-1 gigabyte

Download section 3 – 652 MB

Subscriptions for Unreal Engine (UE) & Unity

Download Speedtree_8.1.4 Beta 4 for subscription UE4

Download SpeedTree_for_UE4_Subscription_7.1.5_WIN

Download SpeedTree_for_Unity_Subscription_7.1.5_WIN

Download SpeedTree_Free_Samples_for_UE4.3

Password (s): Password:

574 MB

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