Portable Symantec Norton Utilities

Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16


Norton Utilities – cleans, adjusts and speeds up your PC to help it work like new. Helps your old computer work like new. It speeds up the launch of the PC. It fixes common PC problems. Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16

Fixes problems with a regular PC and helps you to quickly and smoothly work on your computer
. Finds and fixes problems in Microsoft® Windows®.  Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16
– Scanning for possible problems that could cause your hard drive to crash.
– Helps you to “save” accidentally deleted or damaged files that can still be recovered on your hard drive.

Improves the performance of your PC and helps it work like new again
– Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16
– Safely defragment, repair and optimize the Windows registry to speed up program loading and improve overall PC performance.  Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16
– Safely defragment, repair and optimize your Windows registry. Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16

Cleans up your hard drive to speed up its work and give you more space for your material
– reorganizes (optimizes) the files that are scattered across your hard drive, therefore your computer can find them faster.  Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16
– finds all duplicate files, so you can delete them.
– removes programs, Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16

Keeps activity online and helps prevent the theft of your personal information
. – Constantly deletes the entire record of your actions on the Internet, so others can not see what you do online.
– Allows you to

Main characteristics:

Duplicate File Finder Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16
Finds all duplicate files scattered across the hard disk of your computer, so you can delete them and free up disk space for more of your content.

The system panel
Shows you step by step how to make your computer work like new.

Application Uninstaller
Removes the programs that you do not use, or

Speed ​​DiskTM
Combines (19459005) Speed ​​DiskTM
Unites (Disk code, ungrafted and defragmented reorganizes (optimizes) files and data that are scattered across your hard disk. Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16

Disk Doctor
Scans your hard disk and alerts you to problems that may cause computation Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16

Perfective deletes your entire computer recording and actions on the Internet to protect your confidentiality.

Registry Cleaner
Helps fix problems with the Windows registry that can slow down your PC, cause error messages and crash Windows.

Registry Defragmenter
Removes spaces, free space

Registry Restore
Back up the registry before doing any backup repair work to restore system performance. You can easily undo them if necessary.

Startup Manager
Allows you to select which programs are loaded automatically when Windows starts up, to free up memory and improve the PC startup time. Portable Symantec Norton Utilities 16

Service Manager

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