Secret Disk Pro 4 with Keygen

Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen

Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen – Do you have sensitive files or data you want to keep away from prying eyes? The secret disk will create space on your hard drive and can only be accessed with a password and invisible to Windows Explorer. When you install Disk Secret, you will have a set of passwords (which you should not forget). This will create a “drive” with a letter of type Z. When Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen opens, enter the correct password to open the folder with the disc. You can store whatever you want, here, while you have space on your hard drive! Close and close the folder, and it will disappear from Windows. Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen

Your drive appears only when you open the application and enter the correct password. In the program settings, you can choose to have “Secret Disk” notify you of unsuccessful attempts to access the hidden disk. Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygenis a fairly effective application, although the application itself is not hidden, so other users may notice that there is something to find it!

License for Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen Features:

You can protect a drive that has a password or you can save it without it
For your convenience, we made sure that you can choose.
You can turn off search, which is an automatic notification of a new version
You will select the disk page Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen
Let me not create anyone, but several secret discs.
You can choose the size of your private disks.
Your secret disk should appear like any other disk in Windows.
Priority support during business hours by e-mail Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen
You will receive a system tray for easy access to all system functions.
The disk secret disappears automatically if the screen saver is turned on or if you quit Windows
Access the schema system protected by the PIN rule, and suggest that you disable it.

Requirements: ยท Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. NET Framework 3.5

What’s new in Secret Disk Pro 4 with keygen?

Improved security: The program was signed with a new code signing certificate.
The error has been fixed that prevents the virtual disk from resuming from standby.
Improved notification of updates.
Minor errors in visual correction.


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