StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5.2.6 + Crack

StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5 with crack

Today we will discuss about StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5 with crack. StorageCraft Recovery Environment is an important part of StorageCraft ShadowProtect disaster recovery software.


The StorageCraft Recovery environment and ShadowProtect are part of the StorageCraft Recover-AbilityTM solution. The solution gives you all the products and services you need to protect and recover data, applications and systems anytime, anywhere, and any crashes.


As any experienced IT expert knows, there are disasters and changes in the business.

This environment is ready. If you prefer to use a predefined recovery environment, you can use CrossPlatform for the StorageCraft storage environment.


StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5 crack features

Restore a Windows system volume that cannot be booted independently; – Back up the unmounted system before attempting a restore operation – Perform a pure metal recovery when the old device is damaged without repair – Recover accidentally deleted files or folders – Switch to new hardware or Virtual environment

What do I need to create a Windows-based recovery environment?

These steps are simple, including downloading the free Microsoft Windows Evaluation and Deployment Kit (ADK) that includes WinPE.

Choose a recovery environment: – Create your own Windows recovery environment with a familiar user interface and enhanced driver support. – Easily download additional drivers needed to access existing repositories in the Windows Recovery Environment. – Make sure the completed tool uses Recovery Environment CrossPlatform, so you don’t need to create one

Backup: – Capture all – systems, applications, configuration parameters, services, data servers, desktops and laptops – back up Microsoft SQL, Exchange and SharePoint servers and other mission-critical application servers, including memory updates – image backup task encryption Secure data protection. Save backups to any disk device (for example, removable, local, and network drives) or any optical media (CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc). Create a backup of a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation – Check the backup copies of the images to make sure they are in a known good state for quick and reliable recovery



Recovery: – Perform a recovery of pure metal in a few minutes – Restore the system in the same or different hardware or virtual environment. – Mount the backup image and quickly scan to restore the file or folder. – Restore the entire amount of data from the backup image file

Transfer a backup of a physical computer to a virtual environment. Transfer a backup of the virtual environment to the physical machine. Transfer backups from one virtual environment to another.

Troubleshoot and Troubleshoot detect and fix boot configuration errors or hard drive corruption in the event of an automatic repair failure. Correct or replace the information needed to run, which may be lost during the transfer from one disk to another. – Update the boot configuration when the old drive configuration does not include the content needed to boot to the new drive.

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